Le monde change | IAC

Le monde change

Le monde change, le monde bouge et le combat pour un sursaut patriotique de tous les citoyens du monde demeure toujours aussi essentiel, cependant la jeunesse qui représente la partie essentielle de la population active à travers le monde est appelée à être au premier plan. A travers le projet « I am Cameroon, je suis le Cameroun » nous pensons qu’il est possible d’éradiquer tous les mots et stéréotypes n&e → Read on

Cameroon National (20th May) | IAC

Cameroon National (20th May)

The National Day of Cameroon is celebrated every year on 20th May. Cameroon does not have a single date of independence. This day commemorates the ending of the federal government of erstwhile Cameroon and creation of a unitary state by Ahmadou Ahidjo, the first ever President of Cameroon.  Cameroon National Day Celebrations On the National Day parades are held with participation by the public officers. Party loyalists also take part in the festivities, dressed in commemo → Read on

As i turn

As i turn "a year wiser"

As I turn yet another year ‘wiser’ today, I reflect and look not just to my future, but i am giving myself the ability to think deeper into somethings that i consider very important to my generation and to my future. I meditate on this day, my special day, I think deeply of my country Cameroon, my ancestors and my family who still live there. I spent my childhood growing up this country, the land of my birth. My experiences of this country make me whom I am → Read on

Change Begins with me... Spreading the Message Loud and Clear | IAC

Change Begins with me... Spreading the Message Loud and Clear

Dear Champions, In keeping with the mission to inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon, the movement took a bold step in putting up its first two billboards in Douala, which carry a message of inspiration, hope and education. We thank all those who contributed to make this endeavor a reality. To be a citizen, is to be informed. I accept and assume my responsibilities for a better Cameroon. This is the → Read on

Voeux Les Meilleurs pour l’Année 2016 | IAC

Voeux Les Meilleurs pour l’Année 2016

Chers frères camerounais,Au nom du movement I am Cameroon / Je suis le Cameroun,Je vous prie d’accepter mes voeux les meilleurs pour l’année 2016.Cela fait trois ans déjà que nous avons lancé le movement I am Cameroon. Trois années que nous avons embrassé une simple idée qui inspirera, éduquera et engagera les populations du Cameroun d’accepter et assumer leur responsabilité pour le développement du Cameroun. Tr → Read on

IAC New Year Message | IAC

IAC New Year Message

Fellow Cameroonians,On behalf of the I Am Cameroon Movement, please accept my heart felt wishes for the New Year 2016!It has been three years since we launched the I Am Cameroon movement. Three years since we embraced a simple idea that will inspire, educate and engage the people of Cameroon to accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon. In three years we have engaged tens of thousands of Cameroonians at → Read on

I Am Cameroon Celebrates Pride in our Nation | IAC

I Am Cameroon Celebrates Pride in our Nation

May 20 marks the celebration of the National Day of Cameroon. It is the celebration of the coming together of the then-West Cameroon and East Cameroon to form the United Republic of Cameroon, which later on became The Republic of Cameroon in 1984. May 20, 1972 is the day of the re-unification of the two Cameroons with dreams to build a stronger and more prosperous country with opportunities for its people no matter what tribe they came from or what language they spoke. It was the hope for per → Read on

Plus proche de Deux Ans! | IAC

Plus proche de Deux Ans!

Nombreux d’entre vous ont porté ce bouton avec fierté et ont dit avec conviction “Je suis le Cameroun.” Pour certains, ce mouvement représente un nouveau sens d’espoir, pour d’autres un nouveau sens de la responsabilité en tant que citoyen, et pour d’autres encore une conscience retrouvée pour affronter tous les défis auxquels nous sommes confrontés en tant que pays. Mais alors que nous célébrons deux années de ce mouvement, nous ne pouvons pas être indifférents fac → Read on

Perspectif - Je Suis Le Cameroun | IAC

Perspectif - Je Suis Le Cameroun

Mireille Mbila et Je suis le Cameroun; J'ai pris part au lancement du mouvement le samedi 18 avril 2015 à DC relatif à "Diaspora Launch". Comme tous les pays en voie de développement, le Cameroun est un pays en voie de construction dans les divers domaines (que ce soit les grandes industries, l'agriculture, le transfert des nouvelles technologies et énergies renouvelables etc...). La situation géographique du Cameroun en fait un véritable pool du développement au cœur de l'Afrique Cen → Read on

Two Years Closer! | IAC

Two Years Closer!

Two years since a seed was planted. Two years since that seed has grown, inspiring, educating and engaging thousands of Cameroonians at home and abroad. The goal was to have a new beginning, the beginning of a Cameroon where we the people accept and assume responsibility for the future of our country. From this goal, a simple idea emerged: I Am Cameroon This idea has grown into a movement that was launched April 11, 2013 in Douala, Cameroon. Inspired by this simple idea, the movement → Read on



CONTACT Arrey Obenson Founder, I Am Cameroon jesuislecameroun@gmail.com +1.636.675.1766 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 6, 2015 I AM CAMEROON MOVEMENT LAUNCHES IN THE U.S.Grassroots citizen engagement movement expands through the Diaspora WASHINGTON, D.C. – Where does change begin? In Cameroon, a group of young people have taken ownership of their country’s future, declaring that change must begin with self. The I Am Cameroon movement began two year → Read on



Thousands of Cameroonian youths joined a patriotic march in support of the military fighting against the Boko Haram insurgency in the north. The march was organized by a coalition of journalists who have been reporting on the war on Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria. The young people marched through the streets of Yaoundé carrying high the flags of Cameroon and Chad, the two countries that have deployed troops to join the Nigerian army in fighting Boko Haram. Journalist Guibal Gatama → Read on

I Am Cameroon Official Statement | IAC

I Am Cameroon Official Statement

→ Read on

I am Cameroon in Bamenda | IAC

I am Cameroon in Bamenda

The official launching of the I Am Cameroon movement in Bamenda was on the 31st of January 2015. The launch saw the participation of about twenty five people among which where students, IT programmers, community service volunteers and a host of other people from different works of life. The event took place under the supervision and coordination of the National coordinator for I Am Cameroon and the regional coordinator for the North West. Looking at the event itself, it started with a sensiti → Read on

New Year's Message 2015 | IAC

New Year's Message 2015

Fellow Cameroonians, On behalf of the movement, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2015! 2015 presents new challenges but - more significantly - new opportunities. Challenges that we as a people and a country still face; opportunities that we as individuals can seize to bring much desired change to our country Cameroon. Our country and to a larger extend the world is going through a period of unprecedented radicalism with the rise of fringe groups that have resorted to senseless killing of → Read on

We are 3000+ Strong | IAC

We are 3000+ Strong

In the movie “300,” what captivates me is that it involves a legendary last stand by 300 committed Spartans against a teeming horde of Persian soldiers. So brave and strong are the Spartans that they skewer, eviscerate, take lives and otherwise inconvenience tens of thousands of Persians before finally falling to the weight of overwhelming numbers, all in a bid to prevent the Persians from destroying Greece. Inspired by the sacrifice of the 300, the Persians later had to face a larger Gre → Read on

Introducing Your New Website | IAC

Introducing Your New Website

Dear Supporters, Champions and Leaders, We are very pleased to introduce to you, your new and interactive website. This website responds to popular demand, it creates a platform for like-minded Cameroonians like you to interact with the I Am Cameroon Movement. This website alongside other social media platforms (www.facebook.com/jesuislecameroun, blog http://jesuislecameroun.wordpress.com and twitter @iamcameroon) will serve as a key communication tool for this movement. We ask you to visi → Read on

This Is The Land | IAC

This Is The Land

Like Martin Luther King I have a dream. It is a national dream. It is a Cameroonian Dream. One day, some day, Cameroon shall emerge. It shall emerge to become the focus of world attention. Nations of the earth shall shout. “This is the land.” It is but only a dream. I have nothing but a dream. One day, some day, law and order will be restored in this land. Men of all ages will take drugs and beer no more. Women old and young shall say Je SUIS le Cameroun, I AM Cameroon and be proud of → Read on

Mon Rêve pour le Cameroun!!! | IAC

Mon Rêve pour le Cameroun!!!

Lorsque j’étais plus jeune je me ventais auprès de mes amis Gabonais d’être Camerounais à cause non seulement des Lions Indomptables mais aussi et surtout parce qu’au lycée les Camerounais avaient la réputation d’être très intelligent. Oui je crois que Dieu nous a gâtés sur le plan humain en nous donnant des esprits brillants et un sol et un sous-sol très riche. Dans le département du Moungo on « crache » et ça pousse, dans la région de l’Est ont ramasse le « Fer » → Read on

My Dreams, My Decisions!!! | IAC

My Dreams, My Decisions!!!

If there is something that we should never forget about Cameroon is the simple fact that we received Cameroon as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. However, even with everything given to us, we have refused to reap the benefits that the nation has offered us. We have to learn to appreciate what we have. Every day I ask myself why is it that we have everything in Cameroon, yet we are still very poor. Is it because we are too satisfied with who we are? Well, I am not satisfied wit → Read on

My Message, My Dreams!!! | IAC

My Message, My Dreams!!!

Over the last two weeks I have thought over and over again on what to write, that will encourage Cameroonians to take ownership and responsibility for their Country. A year ago, I became part of a team of young Cameroonians who after examining the state of their Country and the challenges, decided to step forward inspire a generation towards positive change. We came to the conclusion that the changes we want to see in this beautiful Country can never be accomplished by outsiders but by ourselves → Read on