Two Years Closer!

By IAC Admin Date Mon 13th, Apr 2015, 08:34

Two years since a seed was planted. Two years since that seed has grown, inspiring, educating and engaging thousands of Cameroonians at home and abroad.

The goal was to have a new beginning, the beginning of a Cameroon where we the people accept and assume responsibility for the future of our country.

From this goal, a simple idea emerged: I Am Cameroon

This idea has grown into a movement that was launched April 11, 2013 in Douala, Cameroon.

Inspired by this simple idea, the movement has since launched in Buea, Kumba, Yaoundé, Limbe and Bamenda, and now, we are expanding to the Diaspora community beginning in Washington D.C. Fueled by the desire to see change, I Am Cameroon has engaged diverse groups of people, educating and engaging them to become actors and not spectators in the destiny of Cameroon.

Whether in University amphitheaters or high school classrooms, conference rooms, city council halls or on neighborhood corners, this simple idea has inspired people to reflect on their responsibility as citizens.

Many have worn that button of pride and said with conviction, “I Am Cameroon.”

For some, this movement represents a newfound sense of hope, for others a newfound sense of responsibility as citizens, and yet for others a newfound awareness of the root cause of all the challenges we face as a country.

But as we celebrate two years of this movement, we cannot be oblivious to the challenges. It has been a rough road to walk.

How does the movement keep supporters motivated? How do supporters become champions? How do champions grow in to leaders? How does this simple idea move from just awareness into action, meaningful action that will lead to change in the lives of people in Cameroon. How does a movement generate the resources that will mobilize millions of Cameroonians to think and act as responsible citizens of their beloved country? These are the challenges I Am Cameroon has faced in the last two years.

Here is the good part: in two years the idea has prevailed over its challenges. So here we are, two years closer to a dream, a dream that will inspire, educate and engage every Cameroonian to accept and assume responsibility for the future of Cameroon.

The future is a prosperous Cameroon. This future is only possible if you, me, all of us join the movement. The future is possible if we dream together, lean on one another and act together. The future is possible if we challenge the status quo and do big things. Really big things.

Whatever that future is, here we are two years thanks to the commitment of the growing group of citizens who believe in this dream.

Here is to you for standing with the movement and giving it life.

Here is to the future! My name is Arrey Obenson, and I Am Cameroon!