I Am Cameroon Celebrates Pride in our Nation

By IAC Admin Date Thu 21st, May 2015, 07:41

May 20 marks the celebration of the National Day of Cameroon. It is the celebration of the coming together of the then-West Cameroon and East Cameroon to form the United Republic of Cameroon, which later on became The Republic of Cameroon in 1984.

May 20, 1972 is the day of the re-unification of the two Cameroons with dreams to build a stronger and more prosperous country with opportunities for its people no matter what tribe they came from or what language they spoke. It was the hope for perfect union. But as we celebrate the 43rd National Day, we must ask ourselves some hard questions.

Firstly, what does the National Day of Cameroon mean to each one of us as Cameroonians? Does this day instill pride in each one of us? If it does, what is it that we are proud of? How do we share this pride with people around us?

Secondly, do we as Cameroonians share responsibility in building a nation of which are all proud? Do we accept and assume responsibility for what is wrong or what is right with Cameroon? How do we manifest that responsibility?

Finally, what will the future hold for our beloved country, Cameroon? Will the dreams of our founders be just pious dreams belonging to the skies or will we embrace those dreams, make them ours and take action to make them a reality?

As we celebrate another National Day, we are reminded of our responsibility as citizens to go beyond just what the law prescribes, and to be active citizens. To be actors and not spectators in determining the future of our beloved country. We use this opportunity to challenge Cameroon’s middle class, the young professionals, the lawyers, doctors, accountants, project managers, teachers, engineers, architects – to name just a few – we urge you today to step out of cynicism that has plagued our generation for too long.

We urge you to become vocal and active participants in developing a vision for the development of your immediate environment and then your town or city and obviously Cameroon. We invite you to join the movement, or any other organization that is working towards the development of Cameroon. Give an hour of your week or month to the service of your country.

If we can mobilize hundreds and thousands of people to give just a little for Cameroon, we can bring much needed change to our Country.

The I Am Cameroon Movement is a group of highly motivated Cameroonians who accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon. It is our duty to inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians of all spectrums to accept and assume responsibility for the future of Cameroon. Today we wish every Cameroonian a Happy National Day and we invite you to join us in our mission to build a better future for Cameroon.

Long live Cameroon!