As i turn "a year wiser"

By IAC Admin Date Mon 25th, Apr 2016, 17:38

As I turn yet another year ‘wiser’ today, I reflect and look not just to my future, but i am giving myself the ability to think deeper into somethings that i consider very important to my generation and to my future.

I meditate on this day, my special day, I think deeply of my country Cameroon, my ancestors and my family who still live there.

I spent my childhood growing up this country, the land of my birth.

My experiences of this country make me whom I am today.
It’s interesting for me to understand that of everything my country has been to me, and still is to me, I am only just now realizing how much I have to pray for my country.

Today I dedicate my special day, the day of my birth to my homeland, Cameroon.

I invite all of you to pray with me and to join me to intercede for my country Cameroon.


We need to mobilize and activate young people to begin to take action in communities across Cameroon that will lead not only to change but that will create opportunities to learn new skills as well as employment.

We need an informed and empowered youth that have a constructive voice with clear and unambiguous solutions and demands for action.

We need a youth that does not accept simple solutions but understands the complexity of the times in which we live and can patiently work towards implementing sustainable solutions.

Let us join the movement #iamcameroon to create an awareness for our youth.

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