This Is The Land

By IAC Admin Date Mon 3rd, Nov 2014, 15:53

Like Martin Luther King I have a dream. It is a national dream. It is a Cameroonian Dream.

One day, some day, Cameroon shall emerge. It shall emerge to become the focus of world attention. Nations of the earth shall shout. “This is the land.” It is but only a dream.

I have nothing but a dream. One day, some day, law and order will be restored in this land. Men of all ages will take drugs and beer no more. Women old and young shall say Je SUIS le Cameroun, I AM Cameroon and be proud of it.

The effects will be felt in all hamlets, from the misty mountains to the stormy seas and from village communities to urban settlements, until it reaches every corner of this nation. It is but a dream.

Chains are breaking. Change is coming. Light is emerging.

I dream of a world in which a man can sign on with a company, and give that company his heart and soul, knowing he will be taken care of by a pension in his later years.

I dream of a world where we have pride in our president, our politicians, our police and our country. I dream that this pride runs through all generations.

I dream of a world of apprenticeship, where people earn and honor their positions. Where a person must “qualify for and earn” a position.

Where older workers are looked up to and allowed to work as long as they have something to give.

I dream of a world where family and people come first. Where wealth is still valued, but not above ethics, honor or personal integrity.

I dream of a world where morality and spirituality are again taught in our schools. This is what our founding fathers envisioned.

I have nothing but a dream. I dream of that day when every boy, girl, man and woman shall joyfully proclaim: “Yaounde is my political Capital, Douala is my economic capital, Cameroon is my country.” It is but a dream.

I am Cameroon. / Je SUIS le Cameroun.

Nsongka Thomas