Introducing Your New Website

By IAC Admin Date Tue 11th, Nov 2014, 21:25

Dear Supporters, Champions and Leaders,

We are very pleased to introduce to you, your new and interactive website. This website responds to popular demand, it creates a platform for like-minded Cameroonians like you to interact with the I Am Cameroon Movement. This website alongside other social media platforms (, blog and twitter @iamcameroon) will serve as a key communication tool for this movement.

We ask you to visit the website sign and share with other like-minded Cameroonians. Join the movement, get involved, share your ideas with us and take ownership of this movement. There are very simple ways in which you can get involved; it all begins with you joining the movement!

This movement continues to grow at home and abroad one milestone at a time. We will continue in our mission to inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon. This mission can only be accomplished if we can mobilize Supporters, Champions and Leaders across Cameroon and the Diaspora. Our hope therefore is that the website will be a great place to begin your engagement!

I am Cameroon.