We are 3000+ Strong

By IAC Admin Date Wed 19th, Nov 2014, 18:32

In the movie “300,” what captivates me is that it involves a legendary last stand by 300 committed Spartans against a teeming horde of Persian soldiers.

So brave and strong are the Spartans that they skewer, eviscerate, take lives and otherwise inconvenience tens of thousands of Persians before finally falling to the weight of overwhelming numbers, all in a bid to prevent the Persians from destroying Greece. Inspired by the sacrifice of the 300, the Persians later had to face a larger Greek army 40,000 strong, led by 10,000 Spartans. Well, for the rest, go watch!

Among the many lessons in the movie, I choose to focus on this one in particular: how a small group of committed people can inspire and engage thousands to join a cause.

When we started the I am Cameroon movement 18 months ago, we knew it would be an uphill task. We knew it would take time for Cameroonians to embrace our philosophy. And logically we knew that if this was easy, it would have already been done.

During this time, we have developed this idea and created a movement of people who yearn for change, people who want to see a better Cameroon. A Cameroon in which every citizen has equal opportunities. A Cameroon where every child has access to good quality education, good health care and access to safe potable water. A Cameroon where national interests are prime over individual interests.

In this time, we have come into your homes, rallied like-minded people, spoken to all sorts of groups, met in restaurants, universities and schools, visited associations and “njangi” groups, partnered with similar-oriented organizations. We have shared the vision of the movement, but most importantly, we have listened to your ideas on how we can grow together.

Our path has been difficult and has taken more than just the commitment of a few. However, for us to grow, it will take action from people, action from you, action from me and action from the 3000+ supporters we have today. Thank you!

We are getting stronger every day. We are telling skeptics and naysayers that change has come to Cameroon. We are reassuring our forefathers that their sacrifices of over 50 years ago has inspired us today to work hard for 50 better years ahead. With the same level of commitment as demonstrated by the 300 Spartans, imagine what 10,000, 20,000 or even 50,000 engaged, responsible and forward-thinking Cameroonians can do for this country. We are convinced there are many more people out there we still have to find. And together, get to work.

I call on you to commit today. Take this movement forward. Here’s some ideas how:

+ Spare five minutes to share this idea with five people.
+ Visit our social media interactive platforms, and sign up.
+ Produce a video of yourself saying “I am Cameroon” and post it on our Facebook page
+ Send us an article about your dreams and aspirations for Cameroon.
+ Share with us sustainable projects you think we can realize.
+ Donate your skills or resources to the movement.

Trust me, over time and with our commitment, our dreams shall come true!

“To dare is to do.” And as you dare, remember that change began with you!

Mungai NFI
I am Cameroon.