New Year's Message 2015

By IAC Admin Date Wed 14th, Jan 2015, 05:49

Fellow Cameroonians,

On behalf of the movement, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2015!

2015 presents new challenges but - more significantly - new opportunities. Challenges that we as a people and a country still face; opportunities that we as individuals can seize to bring much desired change to our country Cameroon.

Our country and to a larger extend the world is going through a period of unprecedented radicalism with the rise of fringe groups that have resorted to senseless killing of innocent civilians for no justifiable reason. While the world reacts to recent attacks in France, we cannot be oblivious to the relentless attacks by terrorists in the north of Cameroon that has led to kidnapping, hundreds of lives lost and wanton destruction of property.

The threat of the expansion of this extremist phenomenon anywhere in the world is a threat to peace and prosperity everywhere in the world. We as people, we as citizens of the world must strongly condemn these acts, but we must also seek to understand this phenomenon and take action to arrest its growth.

While the impact of extremism is currently not directly felt in other parts of the country, there are families who have lost a father, a mother, a daughter or a son. There are those who have lost their property and have been forced to flee their homes, to become refugees in their own country.

This creates an imbalance in the social fabric of our country and in the long run will have consequences in the region and subsequently across the country. Our government that is already overwhelmed with socio-economic challenges is forced to redirect enormous resources to fight against these terrorists. These are resources that could have built a classroom for a child to get an education, a hospital that will save a life or a road that will carry a farmer’s produce to market.

Terrorism is a threat to peace and without peace there cannot be development, there cannot be prosperity. Terrorism breeds fear that in turn puts to test our values of liberty and justice.

As a movement, we strongly condemn terrorism and violence in all its forms. We urge all supporters, champions and leaders of this movement to stand with us in solidarity to condemn Boko Haram and its sympathizers. We must stand united as a people and not only condemn but fight this phenomenon with all our might.

Fighting these extremists means we must inspire, educate and engage our fellow citizens to accept and assume their responsibility as citizens of our beloved Cameroon. This is our resolve in 2015: we must reach out to many more people, the young and the not-so-young, the rich and the not-so-rich, the educated and the not-so-educated. Our resolve to build on the dreams of our founders cannot be shaken, we must commit as individuals to play our role in building a peaceful and prosperous Cameroon.

My name is Arrey Obenson and I Am Cameroon! How about you?