I am Cameroon in Bamenda

By IAC Admin Date Thu 12th, Mar 2015, 17:47

The official launching of the I Am Cameroon movement in Bamenda was on the 31st of January 2015. The launch saw the participation of about twenty five people among which where students, IT programmers, community service volunteers and a host of other people from different works of life. The event took place under the supervision and coordination of the National coordinator for I Am Cameroon and the regional coordinator for the North West.

Looking at the event itself, it started with a sensitization program that took place in the morning from 10am to 11am on Green Radio. Green radio run by The Greens in partnership with JCI Bamenda Royal and sponsored by Y’ems Group Incorporated is a program on Abakwa FM 99.0 which sensitizes the population of the North West region on environmental and health issues. The program is coordinated by (The Greens) which is an active supporter of the I Am Cameroon movement in the North West Region of Cameroon. The sensitization phase saw the participation of IAC’s National coordinator, National Director of Communication, a team from Y’ems Group and The Greens. The panel introduced IAC, its activities and how one could become a part of the movement to the Bamenda Public among other environmental discussions which took place.

The proper launching of the movement started at 5:00pm at Necla hotel Food Market. As earlier mentioned, the program was coordinated by the IAC team in Bamenda. The program involved motivating the participants on the importance of joining the movement and being Cameroon. The program also saw great encouragements from Anze Mofor, Christelle Bay, Fobang Banns and Pa Mfi Yumgsi, who all motivated the participants on the importance of loving their country and doing their own little efforts to making Cameroon a better place.

To draw one lesson drawn from the launching, it is that of “It is our right to complain, but equally our duty to provide solutions to these things we complain about”. These were the wise words of the National Coordinator Mungai.

The event finally came to an end with more than 25 young Cameroonians imparted with the consciousness that they are Cameroon and with much determination to making their country a better place for both themselves and the coming generations.