My Message, My Dreams!!!

, Mon 1st, Jun 2015, 12:00

Over the last two weeks I have thought over and over again on what to write, that will encourage Cameroonians to take ownership and responsibility for their Country. A year ago, I became part of a team of young Cameroonians who after examining the state of their Country and the challenges, decided to step forward inspire a generation towards positive change. We came to the conclusion that the changes we want to see in this beautiful Country can never be accomplished by outsiders but by ourselves.

We therefore decided to take our destiny into our hands with the knowledge that we have a responsibility, a duty and a mandate to change the story of the next 50 years of the life of our nation. Looking at the impunity with which our leaders have operated so far due to the fact that we have not been active in giving back to our Country, we believe that if all citizens of this great nation became active we will take back control of the destiny of our nation. That the scourge of tribalism, nepotism, bribery and corruption, failing infrastructure, lack of adequate supply of pipe borne water and a host of many other challenges can be resolved with concerted efforts.

In the face of these seemingly insurmountable challenges, we the members of I AM CAMEROON have resolved not to throw in the towel and follow the band wagon, by succumbing to the adage that ‘anything goes’. We are convinced that there needs to be a change in mindset of our citizens and we have to be at the forefront of this change. We have called on Cameroonians to become active citizens, to gird their loins and stand to fight the ills of laziness, dishonesty, tribalism, failing social system, nepotism, bribery and corruption. They must understand that they hold in their hands the tools needed to change their destiny. We must bring our own quota towards nation building and stop being complainers.

Every generation has had challenges designed for that time, and most often than not, honest, hardworking and duty conscious citizens have surmounted them with sustainable solutions. I therefore believe that ours is no difference. Dedicating our lives towards the pursuit of credible and lasting solutions to our common challenges is a duty we have to uphold. It is my duty to attempt to help in building my Country and help correct the ills plaguing our societies. This should be the mission of every right-thinking Cameroonian for in the final analysis we are all Cameroon. Let my parting words be these borrowed from the American President Barrack Obama “ with enough effort, and enough empathy, and enough perseverance and enough courage, people who love their Country can change it” I love my country, for I AM CAMEROON.

Takor B. Takor