First National Congress

Hotel Franco, Yaounde From Sat 12th, Sep 2015, 09:00

This year will mark the first-ever annual I Am Cameroon National Congress when supporters of I Am Cameroon will unite in Yaoundé this September.

This event will provide a platform for supporters to exchange ideas, learn how to maximize their local impact and collaborate with other Local Committee members around Cameroon. Supporters from Cameroon will also connect with supporters from the Diaspora who have confirmed their presence for this historic event.

From a national perspective, IAC’s agenda shall be enhanced as supporters address national issues related to active citizenship and renew their commitment to becoming socially responsible leaders. Supporters will focus on finding solutions for Cameroon and exploring ways they can grow, improve, share and create positive change across communities.

At an institutional level, the legal documents of the movement will be adopted, national officers will be elected for the next mandate, and strategic alliances will be formed with other likeminded organizations. Additionally, the National Committee’s strategic plan shall be discussed and approved.

Supporters will also engage in capacity-building sessions including training programs and key-note presentations that focus on active citizenship and social responsibility.
The event will close with a Patriotic Concert showcasing a group of artists with strong messages linked to active citizenship and social responsibility.

More information about the Congress will be available soon.